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Anglia Waste Collection

Recycling Farm Waste

Following the introduction of the Waste Management Regulations in 2006 banning the burning or burying of farm waste and farm plastic, Anglia Waste Collection,  was set up to provide farmers and landowners with a sustainable recycling service for all types of farm plastic and cardboard.

We collect your waste from your farm throughout the year, in a sustainable and ethical way. 

We will collect non-hazardous waste from your farm. Non-hazardous waste items include:

  • Pesticide containers (triple rinsed) including foils and lids

  • Fertiliser sacks (inners and outers)

  • Seed sacks

  • Cardboard

  • Silage bale wrap and silage pit covers

  • Feed bags

  • Feed buckets

  • String

  • Netwrap


Chemical Waste Collection 

We use specialist companies who are registered with the Environment Agency to process your waste and will then supply you with a consignment note, which will allow you to comply with the regulations.

All farmers now have a legal duty under the Waste Transfer Regulation to send their plastic waste off the farm either for recycling or to a landfill site, which is policed by the Environment Agency. If a farmer chooses to throw farm waste into a skip there is a legal duty to sort the waste rather than sending it to a landfill site.

Interested in how our services can help you? Give us a call!

Anglia Waste Collection: Services
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